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Welcome back!

Please note that our class schedule is subject to change as we ease back into reopening. Some instructors are still offering hybrid or Zoom classes in addition to their in-person classes, so please contact instructors directly for specific information on their offerings. Things will settle in over time! 

Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we return to the studio! 

As we return to in-person classes, please note that the
Studio Sway dance floor is a barefoot dance floor.
No shoes of any kind are permitted at any time. 



  9:00 am     Nia with Erin
  4:30 pm     Nia with Beth


 12:30 pm     Nia with Anna or May
   5:00 pm     Nia with Erin
   6:30 pm     ADC peer-led class 
registration required


  10:30 am     Nia with Kate (starts 7/9)
  12:30 pm     Nia with Erin
    6:30 pm     Freeform with Elyse & Carla


 10:30 am     Nia with Erin


  9:30 am     Nia with Beth


  5:30 pm     Nia with Beth



  9:30 am     Nia with Beth




Studio Sway is owned and operated by professional dancer and independent choreographer, Elyse Fahey. Elyse has trained extensively in multiple dance and movement disciplines for over 30 years, and enjoys continued study through rigorous class-taking and performing. She became a certified Rolfer™ in 2013 and has a private Rolfing® Structural Integration practice in Albuquerque.

Elyse is a core organizing member of ABQ Dance Connect, a networking and advocacy resource for professional dancers in the Albuquerque community. She took ownership of Studio Sway in 2018.


Studio Sway is located at 

1100 San Mateo Blvd NE, Suite 32on the northeast corner of

San Mateo and Lomas, downstairs from Ace Hardware and next door to Quarter Celtic


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Studio Sway is a safe space for everyone to experience the joy of movement.

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