Sat Dec 21 at 6pm: Nia with Erin

Sat Dec 21 at 7:15pm: Solstice Ecstatic                                                     Dance with Pam

Sun Dec 22 at 12pm: Holiday Nia Jam and                                              Fundraiser

Tues Dec 24 at 8:30am: Christmas Eve Nia

                                      with Anna and Kate

Tues Dec 24 at 10am: Christmas Eve Nia

                                   with Beth

Sat Dec 28 at 6pm: Nia with Erin 

Wed Jan 1st at 11am: New Year’s Reflection

                                 with Beth

Wed Jan 1st at 12pm: New Year’s Day Nia

                                 with Beth 





Nia with Beth 



Rise and Shine Nia with Kate


Nia with Anna


Oula Fitness with Katy


Ecstatic Dance ABQ with Elizabeth and subs



Nia with Erin


Second Wednesday Yin Yoga with Ryan (12/11)

First and Third Wednesday Hip Hop with Alysmooth starting in January

(no class New Year's Day, first class on 1/15) 



Rise and Shine Nia with Kate/3rd Thursday Form and Freedom Nia


Nia with Beth



Nia with Anna or May


Pranavah Yoga with Peggy (12/13 and 12/20 only)


First and Third Friday Ecstatic Dance with Pam (12/6, 12/20)

Second Friday Caldera de Lila with Pam and Io (12/13)

Fourth Friday music/moves with Carla (12/27)



Rise and Shine Nia with Anna


Nia with Beth 



Second Saturday Therapeutic Movement for

Lymphatic Health with Patricia (12/14)



Nia with Anna


Nia with Erin



music/moves with Carla                  HOLIDAY NIA JAM and FUNDRAISER on 12/22


African Dance with Rujeko 


Classes at Studio Sway

African Dance

This aerobic dance class is designed to introduce participants to the aesthetics of African dance technique. African dance develops efficient use of relaxed movement; grounding, weight-shifting, and isolation. The warm up emphasizes releasing the weight of the body by rolling down the spine, rotating the neck and shoulders, and isolating the pelvis and chest while opening and releasing the hip joints.

We integrate these movements into traditional and non-traditional African steps while deepening our connection to ourselves and our community. Accompanied by authentic live African drumming, individual movements are sequenced to create an uplifting, cardiovascular combination that will have you breaking both a sweat and a smile. This movement and music will leave you feeling renewed and inspired. $12 drop-in, five class card for $55.

Caldera de Lila- A Somatic Vocal Ecstasy Playshop

Come join us in a grounded, safe & celebratory space for intertwining sound and movement, a refreshing dip into the bowl of embodiment & soul song!  We will be playful! Anticipate a guided-intuitive progression of dynamic energies: from stillness; to spacious or broad sounds and movements; celestial toning to joyful or keening call & response, to powerful co-created tribal percussive song & freeform dance space....
All sound & rhythm journeys (whatever we come up with) are generated by the circle itself- we are IT- we are the soundtrack and we are the groove! All are warmly welcomed- no special voice or movement background expected or needed whatsoever. Everyone will have a chance to lead and to follow, to dive in as deeply or gently as you wish.
Co-facillitated by Laura Io Berg and Pam Arenella. Bring a donation of $10-$12 if you have it—- no one turned away for lack of funds. Thank you in advance for joining us!

Ecstatic Dance ABQ

Ecstatic dance is a spontaneous, expressive, and meditative movement practice. It occurs in a safe and non-judgmental environment where creative possibilities are infinite, and freedom and joy preside. Dancers move barefooted and without verbal interaction. The facilitator holds sacred space by setting a focus, offering a poem, or other suggestions, and with sophisticated music sequences crafted to evoke spiritual connection in personal movement. No experience is needed—just a willingness to move and be moved. The eclectic music gradually builds to a high energy level then winds down to a meditative, relaxing finish. Be prepared to sweat. The ecstatic dance community is a tribe that enjoys dancing and growing together. Dance the way your body wants to—without choreography or judgement, and discover the innate body wisdom you possess. All are welcome. For more information, contact Elizabeth Cervantes, founder (2009) and facilitator of Ecstatic Dance Albuquerque at or visit the Ecstatic Dance Albuquerque FB site. Class fee is $12.

Friday Night Ecstatic Dance with Pam

Ecstatic dance is a conscious dance practice which allows you to drop in to a state of embodied consciousness. This consciousness shapes one’s thoughts through the interactions between body movement and the external physical world, fostering integration of one’s thoughts, emotions, and identity. It is associated with increased self-esteem, positive mood, and mindfulness. Embodied dance allows you look into yourself and get in touch with your own personal creative self-expression. Come join us on the first and third Friday of each month as we practice this dance in a safe environment with a community of people who are committed to acceptance, loving kindness, and self-exploration. Plus... it's a lot of fun and a great way to end your week! $10 drop-in.

music/moves with Carla

Inspired by Ecstatic Dance, music/moves is a freeform dance journey that is all about feeling and moving freely. Songs range from meditative to molten and tap into a wide range of moods and emotions. Dance where you are and where the music takes you — if you’re open to it, you will have a profound physical, emotional, artistic and spiritual experience!

Join us on the 4th & 5th Fridays of the month from 7-8:30pm, and every Sunday at noon for a 60-minute format. $10 drop-in.


The Nia Technique™ draws inspiration from dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts for a workout that is challenging and stimulating, yet easy to follow. Nia students improve strength, balance, cardiovascular stamina, flexibility, and joint mobility. Students are encouraged to pay attention to their sensations; experience the joy of movement; and fall in love with being in their bodies.  

A typical Nia class includes some elements of free dance in which students are encouraged to move however they please. Nia offers us the opportunity to explore, play, and get sweaty. The hour spent in class is our time to recharge, connect, let loose, and get fit. First class is free to anyone who is new to Nia. We encourage everyone to dance in bare feet to build strength and awareness from the ground up; however, some dancers prefer a flexible, soft-sole shoe.

(Clean-soled, indoor-only shoes, please!)

Nia with Anna: $8-$10 drop in, $35 five class card, $70 ten class card

Nia with Beth: $10 drop-in, $80 ten class card

Beth's Nia classes are sweaty, challenging, and soulful.

Nia with Erin: $12 drop-in, $58 five class card, $90 ten class card, $50 monthly pass

"Erin gracefully, engagingly, and enthusiastically guides people to move their bodies!" 

Nia with Kate: $10 drop-in, $35 five class card, $70 ten class card

Nia with May: $10 drop-in, $90 ten class card 

Oula Fitness

Oula Fitness is a high energy dance workout that combines the depth and soulfulness of a mind-body practice with the carefree playfulness of a living room dance party. By integrating the mind, body and heart, our focus is on full-being health and wellness in a fun and community centered atmosphere. Oula features a modern playlist of Top 40 hits. Oula gives you the space to feel; to feel sexy, silly, sad, free, and dance it out in an accepting environment.

Whether you're seeking empowerment or rejuvenation, all you have to do is show up and be present for yourself. Through Oula, you will discover that your mind and body want to dance together, you will learn to trust yourself, and you will learn to believe that you deserve to take up space, to be seen and heard, and that your story matters. 

Oula can be done in athletic shoes--clean soles only, please!

$6 drop-in, $55 ten class card, first class free. 

Therapeutic Movement for Lymphatic Health

TMLH is a series of very basic movements specifically designed to optimize the flow and function of your lymphatic system. This workshop begins with a brief lecture on the important role of the lymphatic system, and teaches self-decongestion methods, along with the use of plant-based medicine oil and deep diaphragmatic breathing techniques. Together these practices accelerate the flow of lymph fluid throughout the entire body, and improve the overall well being of your lymphatic system, immune system, and gut health. A sluggish lymphatic system can cause poor health and overall sickness, fatigue, and disease. TMLH is right for you if you experience digestive problems, long term swelling, skin conditions, auto-immune disease, allergies, sinus issues, fatigue, nausea, or headaches. Workshops are held monthly at Studio Sway. 

$20, essential oils included. 

Elizabeth Cervantes
-Ecstatic Dance ABQ-


Free flowing spontaneous heart centered movement is my sacred movement practice. I began teaching NIA in 2007. As my movement practice expanded, my heart was drawn to free-form movement expression, known as conscious dance. Both 5-Rhythms and Souldance served as inspiration for dance facilitation as it is expressed through me today. I began facilitating Souldance in April of 2009 and established Ecstatic Dance ABQ in 2010. If you want a safe place to move and be moved - join us. 

-LMT, Nia Black Belt-

I enjoy guiding people to 

find joy in living life in a body.

For 11 years, I've shared Nia with hundreds of students, including eight years as adjunct faculty in UNM's Physical Education Program. Through my work as a movement facilitator and massage therapist, I encourage people to find dynamic ease, relaxation, and a captivated sense of gratitude for their body. I hope my education and 

experience can nurture others' sense of curiosity and how to heal with movement. Come enjoy great music, 

fun and movement exploration any 

Wednesday or Sunday!


Kate Davis

Kate has been dancing since childhood and has studied modern, jazz, tap, and aerobic dance. In her first Nia class in 2005, she was inexplicably brought to tears, and knew she had found a fitness practice that offered her much more than physical conditioning. She earned her White Belt in 2007 and has been teaching ever since, earning two more belts along the way. Kate is a playful and enthusiastic teacher committed tohelping students move safely in their body's way. Her classes are appropriate for any fitness level. She is also certified in Nia FreeDance and offers a hybrid of classic and

FreeDance Nia in her 'Form and Freedom' classes. 

Katy Woodward grew up dancing and minored in World Dance during her undergrad at the University of New Mexico. After many years away from dance, it is Oula that brought Katy back to her dancing roots. She was introduced to Oula (which started in Missoula, Montana) in 2016. Katy traveled to Montana for instructor training and is proud to be the first certified Oula Fitness Instructor in New Mexico. For Katy, Oula is not only a fun workout, but a welcome opportunity for expression and community building. She feels connected to the motto that it's not about how it looks, it's about how it feels, and she's excited to share this class with Albuquerque and

Studio Sway. 

May's Nia classes focus on expression, play, and precision, to create an experience that brings you back to your body during a busy day. May has been teaching Nia for over 12 years. She earned her Blue Belt in 2011 and a certificate in Moving to Heal in 2018. She started taking dance lessons when she was 7 in Norway and has explored jazz, tap, modern and African dance throughout her life. She is an experienced yoga student and has a green belt in Taekwondo. May is also a certified reflexologist and a leader in the non-profit community working towards social justice and social change.


Katy Woodward
-Oula Fitness-
May Sagbakken
Pam Arenella
-Ecstatic Dance-

Pam Arenella is a Psychiatrist, Musician, Figure Skater, and Nia Blue Belt Instructor by training. She has been singing and dancing since early childhood and is passionate about music, dance, and creative self-expression. She has been practicing conscious dance such as ecstatic dance for many years. She began holding space and DJ’ing for ecstatic dances in 2010 and has subbed at ABQ Ecstatic Dance periodically since that time. She is very enthusiastic to share her dance practice and love of music with you!

Patricia Huband 
-Therapeutic Movement for Lymphatic Health-

Patricia Marie Huband is a native New Mexican, born and raised in Southern NM- Las Cruces area. From an early age, she was intrigued by and involved with mental and 

physical health and rehabilitation. For over 15 years, she has been a manual bodywork therapist, as well as an educator for other therapists and healthcare providers. In 2012, she moved to Albuquerque to complete her Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy. Her passion for working with the Lymphatic System and swelling conditions began over a decade ago. Her clinical and private practice experience led her to 

develop the Therapeutic Movement for Lymphatic Health method. 

Rujeko Dumbutshena

-African Dance-

Rujeko Dumbutshena is a university dance instructor who was on faculty at Sarah Lawrence College for 8 years and now teaches in the dance department of the University of New Mexico. As a Zimbabwean artist living in America, Rujeko has successfully been a part of innovative works and was an original ensemble member in the Broadway musical production of FELA!. Rujeko was commissioned to choreograph and produce an original piece, Jenaguru, as a part of the Smithsonian African Art Museum's African Cosmos exhibit. She received a Brooklyn Arts Council 2013 grant and a BAM/De Vos Institute 2013 Fellowship, and is a 2014 New Mexico Arts grantee. She teaches neo-traditional African dance. 

Anna Pentler

Anna began dancing ballet at age three and has been dancing ever since. She was thrilled to find Nia as a new way of moving. She earned her White Belt in 2011, her Blue Belt in 2013, and her Green Belt in 2015. For Anna, Nia brings back a childlike, joyful, and uninhibited love of movement, and she enjoys sharing the delight of Nia with students. Her classes are athletic, playful and fun. She believes that students of all abilities, ages, and stages of fitness can benefit from Nia, and explore their body's potential. Come share the Joy of Movement!

Beth O'Neall, M.Ed., is a certified Nia black belt who has been teaching Nia since 2000. She brings experience, humor, emotion, and power to her classes. Her style includes athletic Nia; some classes may include optional interval training, strength work, and small hops. All classes include a variety of outrageously good music. We practice precision in technique so that we can move safely, effectively, and with joyful enthusiasm. Our focus is on connecting with the music, each other, the movement, and our lives. 


Carla Genoni

Music and dancing have been vital parts of my life for the past 40 years. In the decade-plus since I have been dancing Nia religiously, they have also become actively therapeutic. Earning my White Belt in Nia in 2017 and, more recently, participating in Ecstatic Dance at Studio Sway have opened me up to the truly profound changes dance can inspire. music/moves comes out of my desire to share more fun and moving dance experiences with others in this great community!

Studio Sway Teachers



Studio Sway is available to rent for dance and movement classes, workshops, special events, and private rehearsals. Our beautiful 1,500 sq. ft. 

space features a floating birch wood floor, a fantastic sound 

system, and adjustable 



Studio Sway is a safe space for everyone to experience the joy of movement. 

For inquiries,

please contact

Elyse Fahey


photo credit: Kelly Ferguson 

Elyse is a professional dancer, Certified Rolfer™, and the happy owner of Studio Sway. She has had extensive training in multiple dance and movement disciplines, and enjoys continued study through a rigorous movement practice. Elyse became a certified Rolfer™ in 2013 and has had a private practice in Albuquerque for 6 years. She is currently pursuing her BA in Dance from the University of New Mexico, and performs locally with J. Garcia Dance Company, SHIFT Dance, and other independent dance artists and collectives. Elyse took ownership of Studio Sway in 2018.



All patrons of Studio Sway are asked to remove their street shoes upon arrival. No street shoes are allowed on the dance floor at any time, for the purposes of safety and cleanliness. Indoor shoes with clean rubber or soft soles are permitted. No high heels or shoes with hard soles.

We are located at 

1100 San Mateo Blvd NE, Ste. 32,

on the northeast corner of

San Mateo and Lomas

(downstairs from Ace Hardware

and next door to Quarter Celtic).


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