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Butoh; the dreaming body - Class Description:

Butoh is a Japanese countercultural dance form that revels in the taboo, attempts to unculture the body and reveals the personal and collective subconscious through subtle but rigorous methods of training. The dancer may enter an altered state of mind that remains alert and artistically sound. The practice is a simultaneity of being moved rather than moving, while remaining acutely aware of the outside eye. This class uses Noguchi Taiso (water body), and Butoh techniques to enter a liminal space between waking and sleeping where the dream-like internal world moves the body (either visibly or invisibly). You will be guided in simple warmups, butoh technique,

and then given the opportunity to move freely with your own inner world experiences.


The class is accessible to all bodies and all experience levels.

The class costs $25 -$40 on a sliding scale. For any questions, please feel free to email


Dustin Maxwell is a movement-based visual artist currently living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born queer into a Mormon family of eight in Albuquerque where he took his first ballet class at the age of three. As a teenager he studied modern dance and Barbara Clark's somatic approach with his teacher, Joanne Emmons. In 2005 he relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota where he spent a decade studying dance and performing locally and internationally. From 2017 -2024 he worked in NYC primarily making his own work. He is a regular at Ponderosa – a dance co-operative in Brandenburg, Germany. He began studying butoh with Gadu Doushin in early 2012 and continued studying butoh with Vangeline in NYC. He is also a yoga instructor, thai bodyworker, and death doula.


His work is sourced from ritual and sensitizing practices and aims to preserve those elements within "finished" works. Otherness, sexuality, spirituality, death and the magic of being are themes central to his art and life. His dances and performance installations have been presented in theaters, galleries, basements, alleyways and countrysides in Minnesota, New York, Germany, and Sweden. He holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He is a 2019 Jerome Hill Artist Fellow and was nominated for a 2015 Sage Award for Outstanding Performer.

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