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Welcome to NOW. Thank you for being here!


Tonight's choreographers were invited to create thematic content of their own choosing, with very few guidelines. Our sole aim in producing this concert was to feature women choreographers whose work we respect, and who have inspired us in our own careers.


We would like to thank all of NOW’s artists for their creativity and dedication to their craft. We are particularly honored to share the stage with our dear friend and mentor, Donna Jewell. We humbly thank Donna for her support, generous guidance, and unwavering belief in us as dance artists. 


We are deeply thankful to all of you – our families, friends, and community, who value and continue to show up for Dance. We feel extremely fortunate to be a part of this particular arts community, and to be able to create work that we are passionate about with so much support.  


With love and gratitude,

Elyse and Madrone

"People say the dance field is dominated by women. It isn’t. It is populated by women. The field of professional concert dance does not empower women, understand women, or celebrate women. In so many ways, it reflects the systemic patriarchies of our nation: in issues of labor distribution, opportunities for advancement and recognition, and even bodily autonomy. I want that to change. And I want my work to contribute, in some way, toward that change."

                                                                                                                                    -Betsy Miller

Stage Manager: Leah Ellis

Lighting Designer: Erin Meadors

Concert Producers: Elyse Fahey and Madrone Matysiak

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