Instructors and Facilitators

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Anna Pentler

Anna began dancing ballet at age three and has been dancing ever since. She was thrilled to find Nia as a new way of moving. She earned her White Belt in 2011, her Blue Belt in 2013, and her Green Belt in 2015. For Anna, Nia brings back a childlike, joyful, and uninhibited love of movement, and she enjoys sharing the delight of Nia with students. Her classes are athletic, playful and fun. She believes that students of all abilities, ages, and stages of fitness can benefit from Nia, and explore their body's potential. Come share the Joy of Movement!


Beth O'Neall


Beth O'Neall, M.Ed., is a certified Nia black belt who has been teaching Nia since 2000. She brings experience, humor, emotion, and power to her classes. Her style includes athletic Nia; some classes may include optional interval training, strength work, and small hops. All classes include a variety of outrageously good music. We practice precision in technique so that we can move safely, effectively, and with joyful enthusiasm. Our focus is on connecting with the music, each other, the movement, and our lives. 


Carla Genoni

Friday Night Freeform

Music and dancing have been vital parts of my life for the past 40 years. In the decade-plus since I have been dancing Nia religiously, they have also become actively therapeutic. Earning my White Belt in Nia in 2017 and, more recently, participating in Ecstatic Dance at Studio Sway have opened me up to the truly profound changes dance can inspire. Friday Night Freeform comes out of my desire to share more fun and moving dance experiences with others in this great community!


Elizabeth Cervantes

Ecstatic Dance ABQ



Free flowing spontaneous heart centered movement is my sacred movement practice. I began teaching NIA in 2007. As my movement practice expanded, my heart was drawn to free-form movement expression, known as conscious dance. Both 5-Rhythms and Souldance served as inspiration for dance facilitation as it is expressed through me today. I began facilitating Souldance in April of 2009 and established Ecstatic Dance ABQ in 2010. If you want a safe place to move and be moved - join us. 


Erin Damour


-LMT, Nia Black Belt-


I enjoy guiding people to find joy in living life in a body. For 11 years, I've shared Nia with hundreds of students, including eight years as adjunct faculty in UNM's Physical Education Program. Through my work as a movement facilitator and massage therapist, I encourage people to find dynamic ease, relaxation, and a captivated sense of gratitude for their body. I hope my education and experience can nurture others' sense of curiosity and how to heal with movement. Come enjoy great music, fun and movement exploration!


Kate Davis

Kate has been dancing since childhood and has studied modern, jazz, tap, and aerobic dance. In her first Nia class in 2005, she was inexplicably brought to tears, and knew she had found a fitness practice that offered her much more than physical conditioning. She earned her White Belt in 2007 and has been teaching ever since, earning two more belts along the way. Kate is a playful and enthusiastic teacher committed to helping students move safely in their body's way. Her classes are appropriate for any fitness level. Kate is also certified in Nia FreeDance. 


May Sagbakken

May's Nia classes focus on expression, play, and precision, to create an experience that brings you back to your body during a busy day. May has been teaching Nia for over 12 years. She earned her Blue Belt in 2011 and a certificate in Moving to Heal in 2018. She started taking dance lessons when she was 7 in Norway and has explored jazz, tap, modern and African dance throughout her life. She is an experienced yoga student and has a green belt in Taekwondo. May is also a certified reflexologist and a leader in the non-profit community working towards social justice and social change.